What will happen after I complete the online application process?

On submission, you should immediately receive a response message to confirm successful receipt of your application on your computer screen. If you do not receive this, you will need to re-submit your application. Upon receiving the confirmation message, you will not need to make any other enquiry to check that your application has been received. Only successful applicants will be contacted within two weeks by email to be advised of the next phase of the recruitment process.

Can I apply to more than one of vacancies?

Yes, of course. If you are applying for multiple jobs, you must submit an application for each job opening separately.

I am applying from outside of Vietnam. Does this make any difference?

None at all. You should be able to access and use the online application process wherever you are in the world.

Is my personal data safe?

The online application process is securely protected. No one except for the appropriate Gameloft Recruitment Executive can access your information.

If I have other questions about the recruitment and opportunities at Gameloft, who can I contact?

You may email our recruitment team at We will contact you at the soonest.

If I am not sure which job I want, can I just submit a blank application online and let you determine what job I qualify for?

Because of the high volume of applications received annually, we cannot match candidates to available positions. You must complete and submit an online application for each position for which you are applying. Remember, if you are applying for multiple jobs, you must submit an application for each job opening separately.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The length of the selection process will vary according to the volume of the applications and the position itself. Normally, it takes 1-2 week to contact applicants against date of application meanwhile some searches last several weeks or 1 month.

After successful interviews, how long does it take to receive an offer?

It takes anywhere from one to seven working days to receive an offer.

What if I don't find the right opportunity immediately?

If you do not see your ideal next opportunity, simply submit your candidate profile. The candidate profile provides us with a summary of your skills and experiences and enters you into our applicant database. When a position becomes available that matches your criteria, you will receive an e-mail notification. Please visit http: to submit your candidate profile.

How can I prepare for the recruitment process with Gameloft?

Please visit where we have provided useful tips to help you make a great impression on us.

Why is a position still posted?

Opportunities will remain posted until filled or until the respective recruiter has determined that the pool of candidates from which to choose is of sufficient size. You will not be able to determine your candidacy status from the Careers Website. We will compare your skills and experience with requirements, and will contact you if more information is needed.

Do I need to register and create a login to view job openings?

No, you may view job openings without registering. Just click on the job title to view the job posting.

Why am I having problems registering to the system?

If you have problems registering on our system, it is probably because you are trying to register with a user name that has been used by someone else. We suggest you use your email address as a username to avoid this problem.


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