Gameloft SEA is a well-recognised EMPLOYER OF CHOICE!

To get the best from our people, we aim to give the best: because we owe our success to our talents and their passion.
Creating an atmosphere that reflects the company's culture where we value our employee’s expertise, creativity and innovation, we believe this is the key to gain our people’s loyalty.

Creative workplace with international teams of talents!


International development is a key component of our studios. Getting to work with our experts and best talents from all around the world, you will enjoy diversity in an open and professional environment and joining international teams.

Modern facilities

We take to heart to provide the most enriched environment for our people to learn from themselves and the others. Your life at the workplace is our concern, and we offer you a fun working environment, modern working facilities, as well as wide range of activities and entertainments.

Fun environment

Come and enjoy various incentive activities, like team-buildings, outing trips, sport clubs, game rooms, gaming and professional contests, birthday gifts and celebrations, and so much more!

Exciting challenges and rewarding recognitions!

Top-rated and international projects

Working on top-rated and international game projects, you will definitely get the chance to work with worldwide experts, really eager to share their knowledge and experience, with passionate talents.

Performance-base rewards

We expect the greatest performance from our people, we also strive to encourage their involvement and motivate their long-term contribution to the job. Hence, salary and bonus are considered based on performance. The better you demonstrate your talent, the more long-term rewards await you!

We value loyalty

Various fringe benefits are offered to our people, to encourage them to do their best, be the best in their own passion, and award our most loyal talents.

Continuous learning and career growth!

Adaptation to changes

Each talent is unique and it’s the reason why we aim at giving to each of our people the right set of skills and knowledge to perform their work effectively, but also the necessary means to deal pro-actively and successfully with changes and bigger challenges.

Continuous and initial training

From orientation, initial/continuous professional and technical trainings, to leadership, management and various soft skills trainings, we offer our employees a chance to fully develop their potential and perform in the line of work they want.

Career development

SEA Group works on a various range of programs and platforms, which gives you the opportunity to enrich your set of skills and experiences. Change is definitely part of our industry and we strongly encourage internal as well as abroad mobility.


Trinh-Artist Supervisor

“Gameloft is not only a game studio but also a family. Colleagues are like my brothers and sisters : so friendly and willing to share experiences with one and other. Here, I have many chances to learn everyday and improve my artistic skills, 3D technics and soft skills too. I am getting better, I can see it!"

Hanung Purwaka-Game Designer Studio Lead

“Not a day goes by without fun and challenge in the office. I can't think of a better place to work or a better group of people to work with."

Kieu Quoc Hiep-Producer

 "I love the culture and working environment at Gameloft, where I really get empowered to confidently apply my working style and also have the power to empower others. I have also been involved in the experiments of new ideas as well as managing multiple projects simultaneously, which keeps me motivated. What is more, you can work day or night, it does not matter. Just get the work done!"

Bayu Alam Putra-QA Project Manager

"Being in Gameloft is an amazing experience, where I get the opportunity to meet amazing people around the world, and how meeting with this people shape some part of myself to become better me right now. I love how the people around me give support to me and to everyone else especially during some situation where we need it at most. I feel we are truly embrace ourselves as one entity: GAMELOFT."


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