Impress us by preparing your application at best. We are surely looking for many talented persons, but we will only select the best ones. Seize your chance to “Join the game” and seize it well!

Preparing your CV

Your CV is the first and main point of entry, don’t trifle with this step!

  • Format and structure your resume professionally with sufficient information:
  • State clearly your professional objectives, experiences and skills
  • Make sure your resume fits the expectations of the job you are applying for
  • Be honest and do not hesitate to share your work

Taking our test

Candidates for all positions are requested to take a test at one of our offices. This step is your chance to get an interview so it is a good idea to get yourself well-prepared in advance!

Passing the interview

Congratulations, you've passed your test, now you enter the interview!

  • Before the interview: learn as much as you can about Gameloft, learn your CV by heart and dress well for the interview.
  • During the interview: Stay calm and tell your story. Speak clearly and slowly, answer straight forward. Ask for clarification if you do not understand any question.
  • After the interview: it’s time to ask for more information if needed.


Vu Hoang Ngoc-SEO Lead

Gameloft certainly fits the definition of a perfect workplace: great culture and amazing benefits. The hybrid working model allows me to have a better work-life balance and even better productivity. Working in one of the biggest gaming companies also means that there are constant challenges that arise in day-to-day work, challenges that I need to continuously better myself and my skillsets."

Nguyen Duc Manh-Lead Producer

Gameloft means my youth. I joined Gameloft when I was very young, just after graduated my university. From that time until now, I got married, had my first kid, had my second kid and now I'm still here. Gameloft is my second family."

Shaula Zuhriyah-Senior Programmer

 "The people of Gameloft are welcoming and kind. They are open to new ideas and don’t hesitate to share all of their knowledge with one another, thus improving each other. Here, everyday is a great opportunity to learn something new!"

Aditya Prihascahya -QA Tracking Manager

"Nobody knows what the future holds. The same thing happened during my first contact with GL. It seems like only a few months ago. What I value the most in Gameloft is the ability to support one another and create a warm, vibrant community. As a result, consistency is a must-have set of criteria for us. Because you never know when an opportunity will knock on your door."


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