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  • Games and sport clubs
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  • Game room: PS3, Xbox, Wii
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Game Designer Team Lead, Ho Chi Minh City

Reference: Ho Chi Minh City, Game Design

Department: Game Design

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Company Description

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As a leading digital and social game publisher, Gameloft® has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms with an audience of 114 million monthly users across the whole world. The company has 46 offices across 32 locations and employs 4,600 people worldwide. Gameloft operates its own established franchises such as Asphalt®, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter and also partners with major rights holders including Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel® and Ferrari®. Gameloft is a Vivendi company.

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Our Project/Division Lead Game Designer is responsible for all Game Design aspects in the creation of engaging Creation Games in Creation division.

His main responsibilities are:

  • Supervising the team of game designers allocated to Creation team to assist relevant Sai Studio Lead Game Designer and Production Manager/Lead Producers in Related-Game Design matters to improve the team-members’ skills and to drive them to the best commitment, work quality and performance.
  • Mentoring Junior/Senior Game Designer for the team to maximize creativity, innovation in this division.
  • Working and Supervising on all Sai Creation Game concepts/prototypes/projects ongoing and future to get a high chance of success.

Project Management

  • Reviewing or evaluating competitive products, film, music, television, and other art forms to generate new Game Design ideas.
  • Keeping abreast of game design technology and techniques, industry trends, or audience interests, reactions, and needs by participating in educational programs, attending meetings or workshops, or participating in professional organizations or conferences.
  • Working with GDs in creation division to make sure all the points below will meet:
  1. Providing a good balancing and adjusting gameplay experiences in order to ensure the critical and commercial success of the products.
  2. Overseeing gameplay testing to ensure intended gaming experience and game adherence to original vision.
  3. Developing and maintaining design documentation with a high quality, including mechanics, story, menu flow, layout design, functional description and guidelines.
  4. Determining supplementary “virtual features”, such as currency, shop items, menu design, and audio direction.
  5. Defining Meta, Monetization and Retention strategies of the games with GED (game economy design).
  6. Creating gameplay test plans for internal test groups.
  7. Defining Tracking Parameters, Game Tracking Document and working close with Data Tracking Manager to make sure all game aspect will be well tracked.
  8. Working closely with Data Analysis or working with Game Team/Data tracking manager to create a good Tracking Analysis report that help to lead to good and correct action plan to make the game keep improving in good and wealthy way.
  9. Working with Narrative Designer in Creation Studio to define the game story/environment… in case needed.
  • Providing feedbacks to production staff regarding technical game qualities or adherence to original design.
  • Creating Gameplay Prototypes and a database of Gameplay Concepts that could be used in the future.
  • Conducting regular Design reviews throughout the game development process.
  • Mentoring Junior/Senior Game designer by providing them feedbacks regarding game design features.
  • Taking part in task assignment, project follow-up and coordination to ensure the smooth implementation of all projects and deadline commitment in Creation Division.
  • Providing Game Design feedbacks to programmers and artists to ensure the final quality of the game: art quality, gameplay polish, and ergonomics.
  • Checking, assigning and possibly fixing the bugs related to Game Design or feedbacks from others stakeholders.
  • Creating and managing documentation, production schedules, prototyping goals, and communication plans in collaboration with production staff.
  • Organizing Weekly meetings with Creation GD to discuss project status and issues/ showstoppers.

Coaching and Training

  • Creating a Training Material, providing training, guidance, and necessary support to ensure the integration and job delivery of Junior/Senior Game Designers in proactive way or getting request from Studio Lead GD.
  • Working with GDs in creation division to provide Monthly game deconstruction.
  • Working with GDs in creation division to provide Bi-Monthly market analysis especially for a trending game or technology.
  • Working with GED to provide Bi-Monthly game economy best-practice or deconstruct an economy loop/system of trending Game.
  • Making sure all documents, gameplay features sent to HQ and external stakeholders are well-structured and highly qualified to minimize feedbacks and gain trust.
  • Making sure all concepts/prototypes/projects in Creation division will fully follow up with Creation core pillars.
  • Attending weekly meetings with all members to update the status and issues.
  • Assisting SAI Studio Lead Game Designer in monitoring Creation Newbie Game Designers by providing necessary guidance, giving support member and training them.
  • Solving resource allocation and game design technical issues that can affect the Creation global planning.


  • Reporting to SAI Studio Lead Game Designer and Production Manager/Lead Producer.
  • Sending all the activities/research/analysis/deconstruction to Studio Lead Game Designer in order to help him to follow up.
  • Providing PMS evalution for GD members in the Division with clear objectives + development plan. 


Skills & Experience:

  • Experience at least more than 7 years.
  • Good understanding of the market and target audience of Mobile Video Games.
  • Strong passion and solid video games background – knowledge about new market trends but also about retro gaming.
  • Solid knowledge about Game Design including game mechanics, level design, and UI/UX.
  • Good knowledge about Data Tracking to work with Data Tracking Manager and Data Analysis Manager.
  • Great knowledge about Business models, monetization psychology and monetization strategy.
  • Solid knowledge about Game Retention strategy to work with GED expert in the studio or Gameloft creation studio.
  • Creative thinking skills to make new Gameplay and solve a diversity of game design issues every day, including but not limited to gameplay, level, interface…
  • Extensive experience of balancing complex game systems.
  • Basic programming knowledge to understand easily the scripts.
  • Experience with game reward systems.
  • Good Management and organization skill.
  • Ability to evaluation others.
  • Ability to teach & inspire other.
  • Ability to management a team of 2- 5 game designers


  • Very creative, imaginative and original.
  • Solid problem-solving skills.
  • Good storytelling ability.
  • Great Communication and Presentation skills.
  • Good understanding the capabilities and benefits of different Mobile Devices hardware and platforms, as well as the relevant software technologies and techniques.
  • Basic drawing and 3D design skills.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to change.
  • Demonstrating flexibility of thinking and accept positive feedbacks from others for improvement.
  • Self-disciplined; demonstrating strong motivation and passion at work.
  • Proposing training adaptation based on programs evolution.
  • Ability to work well in a team and alone. Cooperate with team members and actively provide support.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and be able to meet deadlines.
  • Showing strong commitment to the final game result and to the company. Be willing to work hard to complete the task on-time.
  • Meticulousness & quality oriented.

Additional Information

Recruitment Process:

  • (1) 30-minute Call. Only qualified candidates will be contacted by our recruiters,
  • (2) Test (7 days),
  • (3) 1-hour Interview,
  • (4) Offer.

Work Location and Hour:

  • Work location: 26 Ung Van Khiem, Binh Thanh, HCMC (hybrid).
  • Work hour: 08:30 A.M. - 06:00 P.M, Monday to Friday. 

What We Offer

  • An attractive monthly salary alongside Tet and other performance bonuses.
  • 100% coverage of mandatory insurances (SI, HI, UI), as well as an extra healthcare insurance.
  • Various training packages, including annual training (1), sponsorship training (2) and e-learning (3).
  • 12 days of paid annual leave, 5 days of paid sick leave, 12 days of paid holiday leave (including 1 day for Christmas).
  • Hybrid working model.
  • A monthly allowance to cover electricity and Internet bills.
  • A range of policies of support employees physically, mentally and emotionally while working from home.
  • A dynamic workplace environment, with over 18 nationalities, where hundreds of world-renowned game titles were born.
  • Opportunities to train with experts and develop yourselves.
  • An open-space office, a cafeteria, a terrace and a Gaming Area.
  • Other benefits from one of the best employers in Vietnam.

How to apply:

  • Kindly send your English CV and cover letter (optional) to:, titled:GDL_Your Full Name or apply here via SmartRecruiters.


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